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Sadly Mykey Explores has departed but not all is forgotten of lost. I will still be active on my travels and explorations but will no longer making myself known on camera. This is because I found it to be fuelling my anxiety and social confidences while filming in public.

Like I said not all is lost because I might re purpose this website in due course to cover money saving and lifestyle options or if I just fancy to write something. I also now focusing on Photography called Mykey Wildscapes which is currently awaiting a site but can be found on Facebook at the moment.

Once again thank you for your continued support and I hope to see you all again soon.


Rose Mill Redevelopment | Week 1 |The field that seen everything in its 100+ years!


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Howdy Explorers, I hope you all having a lovely Sunday, exploring and discovering the February half term is over with for another year.

Today’s article is looking at the changing face of Rose Mill and the Adjacent field just off Coalshaw¬†Green Road. Continue reading

Owdham Owl News | Issue 1 |Januray developements


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Owdham entered January looking like a huge building site, with multiple road improvements and buildings undergoing repairs.

January in a summary saw a new car park open, parliament square started to look like a square and number of shops of said goodbye to Owdham in the last few months, with some new shops saying hello to Owdham.  Continue reading

News Review–Greater Manchester source MEN Media



Autism Life we are reviewing the papers in a very  modern way, the internet. It’s free and full of archived articles to browse.

There will be 3 news reviews a month looking at last months news in 3 subjects.

So grab your morning coffee and some toast, sit in front of the fire, read autism Life News the best source for news.

Angry over Special Need Transport arrangement between two schools

Date of Article: 31 May 2016

Sparks are flying between 2 schools over the transport arrangement due to high demand for the school. Ashton-on-Mersey School pupils are being transported on minibuses to Broadoak Scool in Partington causing anger with parents of the pupils at the school.

The articles mention about the demand on the and the anger they are receiving from parents from the school.

To read the full article >>>> Click Here <<<<

Thieves stealing books to read in the cop shop!

Date of Article: 31 May 2016

In Oldham, there are some brave humans out there, who goes into Oldham Library to browse the reference books and checks their value online then without a second thought they loan the highest value reference books without booking them out the library. In essence stealing these valuable resources from the library and not thinking about the consequences after.

I hope the thieves are enjoying their reference book in the confines of their cell at the local cop shop, oh wait for a moment they can’t they have sold them online to unaccepting buyers out theirs.

To read the full article >>>> Oldham Chronicle & Manchester Evening News <<<

Teenager ‚Äėobsessed with 999 services‚Äô in court after breaking into Police & Fire Stations

A prolific teenage burglar with a fixation for targeting the emergency services has appeared in court.

Now after all the times he breaks into Fire and Polices Station with fixation with 999 services, his fixation has come to life. He now in court and could be facing time in a legal way.

It does not recommend breaking into any emergency service as you could end up going to the police station and court the legal way in a blue limozine.

To read the full article >>>> Click Here <<<<

I hope you enjoyed today’s paper review, I would like to hear what you think about these paper reviews.


Autism Life News | February Edition


Autism Life News is a monthly round up of the good news and achievements that has happened in the world and autism diagnosis. From the last month

Autistic people don’t like hear bad news which is mainly the make up of the news channels today and it’s very rare for news channels to share good news stories.

Pour a cuppa and get a sit to read Autism Life News.   Continue reading