If you not a Judge, don’t be a Judge |Stand up to Bullying



Today’s article: If you not a Judge, don’t be a Judge | Stand up to Bullies. Looks at the affects of bulling has on people with Autism and other disabilities. It also includes a video of me taking about my experience.

Stay tuned to very end of this post for some fun games, I want you to pick genre that describes you the best and comment it below.
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An Autistic Expert Interview About Travelling


Some of the readers might have gathered that I like to travel around the country a lot, mainly using the bus network and are probably wondering why I choose to travel on buses all day.


This little interview guide, technically not interviewed anyone but hey ho it’s like a interview in a guide form, so just call it a interview.

Come on board my bus

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Autism & Me | Defraying the odds


I have created a new topic called Autism & Me, It’s where all my achievements, stories, and other Autism awareness materials go when it’s created and will be easily identified in the article heading.

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Today we going to look at how I have come about defraying the odd when it comes to tackling challenges and situation which is normally so hard for a person on the autism spectrum. I’m 1 in few thousand that has mild autism.

So get comfy, grab your notepad and get ready to take notes and tips from the man himself.

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London Called | Achievements and Triggers


On Saturday 2nd, April 2016 was Autism Awareness Day and also was the day I archived my dream of visiting London. With Autism, it is easier said than done.

In London there loads of things that can trigger sensory overload and can bring autism on.


Come and Join me on my trip to London and Find what set of my Autism and what I got up to while down in the Capital.

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