How It’s Named | Love


Today in love week, we are going to look love and things related to love. Love is an emotion which is mixed with happiness and lovely warm feeling towards someone else.


Theirs is multiple locations around the world where everyone feels love every day and night, It’s also appears in Art, TV, Music & Music. Continue reading

How It’s Named | Rose


In today’s love article we are going look at rose, you can probably tell why this has been chosen as my second article. Yes, love roses as suggestion of romance and symbol that appears at dates a lot. There more roses in this world than love roses.


There are places, plants, literature, Film & Television, gaming, computing, colour and there loads of other uses covered at the end of this article. Continue reading

How It’s Named | Valentines


On how it’s named, we look at places around the world that has something in common with something else for example Apple is a piece of fruit but is also a town in the U.S.

To help with he launch of this new series, I’m going to be posting 5 more post on a daily basis over Valentines Week. All of the post over the week of 14th February -21st February 2-16 is going to be love themed.

Happy Valentines Day

In this How it’s Named, we going to look at Valentines Day it’s self as it got a lot more in common than a day of love. There a place and people has valentines in common.  Continue reading

Autism Life News | February Edition


Autism Life News is a monthly round up of the good news and achievements that has happened in the world and autism diagnosis. From the last month

Autistic people don’t like hear bad news which is mainly the make up of the news channels today and it’s very rare for news channels to share good news stories.

Pour a cuppa and get a sit to read Autism Life News.   Continue reading

Time Machine | Chester – The best perserved walled city


Chester is a walled city located in Cheshire, England. Lying on the river dee, close to the border with Wales.Bridge Street  Old

We going to have flying visit into Chester past, present and future, see it’s highlights and lows, battles and preservation.Chester-Westgate-Street1

Sit back, relax enjoy the time machine journey through Chester.  Continue reading

My day out | Under the mersey


Hello there and welcome to another new series this time it’s all about my days out and my hobby bus riding.12037572975_570479088e_b

I have visited the capital of the river Mersey, Liverpool and the historic city of Chester. Only using buses and what grand city they both are. Culture, Hertiage and Modern in a good block.

chester-eastgate.jpg Continue reading

On The Train To Nowhere!


Hello there, thanks for turning in again to Autism Life. Today we going to look into the railway and tickets, to see why it so hard for special needs citizens can’t access the railway fully.

So come on board The train to nowhere departing in 2 minutes from Manchester Piccadilly railway station. Continue reading