Hello world, welcome to Autism Life TV, where the crazy, fun and sad times will be shared through a powerpoint movie uploaded to Youtube.

Would you like me to introduce the blog to you?

The blog was founded in January 2016 as part of the author new year plan to sort himself out and the most of 2016 in a whole. on the 9th of January, I launched a brand new blog called Autism Life. with a focus on autism subjects and major life achievement.

Throughout 2016 the blog kept growing with ideas and that when it become a variety blog and later in the year, I published my first video on Youtube as a trail of making video books instead of writing the content on WordPress.

With the 1st video turning out good I started to experiment with different content ideas and every since the first video went live I never wrote on here until the 21/11/2016 when I wrote this about Autism Life TV.

See you around

Mike Cunniffe


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