Two companies with same colour and famous orange aprons!


A guide to Lookalikes.pngWhether you a regularly traveller or infrequent traveller to a new country or culture, you will bound to be taken out of comfort zones and thrown into a very confusing new world without your home-comforts or well know store from your home town.

Mykey Explores would like to introduce you to a brand new guide aimed for travellers who don’t like change or find it hard to be taken out of your comfort zone. this guide will bound to surprise you, when you find out that there is a copy of your favourite store in other countries, crazy right. if you want to find out more please read on. 

Did you know Home Depot is a copy of the United Kingdom DIY store B&Q?

Who are B&Q and Home Depot

B&Q plc is a British multinational DIY and home improvements retailing company, founded by Richard Block and David Quayle in 1969, originally as Block & Quayle.

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The Home Depot, inc. or Home Depot is an american home improvements supplies retailing company, founded by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill, Pat Farrah in 1978.

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Why is home depot a copy of B&Q and what is similarity to the British store. As the two companies don’t have the same founders, store numbers, name or owners.

B&Q VS HOME DEPOT.pngBoth company’s use orange as there branding and the aprons are the same across the two company’s, they do have their differences which makes the company unique and not a full on copy off B&Q, as there would have gotten in some legal difficulties along the way as B&Q  was formed first and all there practices belong to them.

There in-store experience is slightly different too, with Home Depot you get 90 days to bring back your goods and at B&Q you only get 45 days to bring things back.

Just before you go and plan your exciting roadtrip to B&Q and The Home Depot, I want to tell you this little secert about Home Depot, Home Depot have tryed to venture over seas and buy B&Q from Kingfisher Plc but it did not fall through, is this a true sign that Home Depot really wants to become B&Q sister.

Who knows the future could hold for B&Q and Home Depot. What do you think about the two companys, comments down below and share widely please. Have you got any other ides for future posts looking at similar Companys and products around the world.

So next time you visit america, pay a visit to Home Depot to window shop or if you visiting from america to the UK pay a visit to B&Q to have a window shop. see what different in the two business and tweet @mykeyexplores using #MEinUK #MEinUSA with your pictures or stories and I will retweet the best ones.

Safe Travelling


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