The Yanks are Back in Saddleworth | From Proper Coppers to Lancaster Bombers


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Over the weekend of 5,6th of August 2017, a sleepy village in Saddleworth called Uppermill was rudely awakened with swarms of people attending from all other the place to check out the yanks are back in Saddleworth.

Want to find out more about the Yanks are back event? of course you do. 

Saddleworth is group of several villages and hamlets, is usually very sleepy and rural with steady stream of tourist or locals but when it comes to celebrate it customs and traditions is turns in hive of activity and has been rudely awaken from it slumber.

There is many traditions Saddleworth celebrate every year and they proud to keep the history off there villages alive for the next generations to relive, The Yanks Weekend is no exception to the rule.

The Yanks Weekend was started in 2001 to celebrate the local filming of Hollywood film Yanks in 1979 starring Richard Gere.

It held annually in Uppermill, with stalls selling everything from flying Scotsman signs, coronations street, street name, cakes, vintage dress and shoes, accessories, warden arm bands and other wares. they was also fun and games for the children of all ages to partake in. A vintage fashion show, tea dance and film was shown in Saddleworth School.

For the adults every pub in Uppermill does really know how to through a good party, with extra bars and dancing porta loos so you can still boogie to the music, live music and good old fashioned street food.

So many people made the effort to dress to impress. You would have seen silver cross prams plus other vintage prams, 1940s Police and nurses uniform, military uniform and other types of 1940 fashion and accessories. It was like having a constant fashion show down Uppermill High Street.

I would truly recommend you to try this event out if you like vintage music and reenactments. This year it was £5 for adults, £3 for Concessions and £1.50 for children i think. that entitled you for entry to the school site all weekend and as many times as you like.

I have filmed a video for you all to enjoy now, for grab a brew and a scone, settle down to enjoy this movie with a surprise in store too.

World of Xploration production


Yanks Trailer

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