DISUSED STATIONS EP3 | Broadley, Healey Dell, England


Disused Station (1).png


All aboard this specially chartered steam train along the Rochdale to Bacup Line only calling at Broadley Railway Station today, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Disused Stations is a brand new project by World of Xploration, the mission is to document all the disused stations in the United Kingdom and make videos of the closed stations showcase their current status and to unleash their stories and secrets during their operating days.

In episode 3 we will take a look at Broadley which was opened on 1 November 1870 on the Rochdale to Bacup  Line. The station was situated on Station Road in Broadley. With access down the platform by stairs from a bridge on Station Road

The station was temporally closed 16 June 1947, then closed again 14 December 1949 to passenger traffic, closed completely on 1 September 1952

A part of the line is now recreational path through Healey Dell in Whitworth, Lancashire.

Healey Dell is well worth a visit if you get the chance off going.


This Service terminates Here, Thanks for travelling with Mike on World of Xploration service.


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