If you not a Judge, don’t be a Judge |Stand up to Bullying



Today’s article: If you not a Judge, don’t be a Judge | Stand up to Bullies. Looks at the affects of bulling has on people with Autism and other disabilities. It also includes a video of me taking about my experience.

Stay tuned to very end of this post for some fun games, I want you to pick genre that describes you the best and comment it below.

The world is not one big court room filled with Judges, lawyers and solicitors willing to sentence you to something you have not done but unfortunately many people in this world think they are the judges and ready to sentence you to life of misery, heartbreak and a barrage of abuse and victimisation.

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All because we are different or come across as weak and unable to defend are case. then we ended up being sentenced guilty for being a normal human being. Using a wheelchair, mobility aids or just our self being built differently does not mean you can judge us.

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Let’s end this right now by stripping the unprofessional judges of there right to judge people with differences and needs. Let them suffer for a bit so there can get a nice does of there medicine it sour i can say. and let make this world better by using my metaphor and life hack to beat the judges and close the world court down.


Introducing the biggest bookshop in the world, the human bookshop is open for business with 7 billion book already published and more being published every day to replace the ones which have been retired from the shelves of the human bookshop.

World is one big spinning book shop with so many different languages and countries, 7 billion books published to-date no wonder no one realised that the world is bookshop and we humans are mammals but mammals are books too, everything living in the world as a story portrayed in different ways, some are portrayed verbally, physically and non verbal.

I want people to try an experiment next time you are out and about. I want people to spend 5 minutes reading a new book.

How and what do you mean; Next time you are out and you come across some vulnerable book, i want people to spend 5 minutes just having small talk to find out their life story and then judge the book by it inside content not it front cover.

I’m not asking you to put yourself in danger by doing this social experiment has there is few publisher rejects out there and there probably won’t listen and could put you in danger.

Every single new book is assigned a genre it will follow through it life

  • Science fiction – The science buffs
  • Satire
  • Drama – For actors and Actress
  • Action and Adventure – Adventures and Action-er
  • Romance – For romantics out there
  • Mystery – The Unknown and have go wannabes
  • Horror
  • Self help – the professional helpers good with advice
  • Health – Doctors, Nurses, Health Professional, Lifestyle Coach, Fitness Instructor and the list goes on
  • Guide – The ones who knows everything and anything
  • Travel – People who love travelling
  • Children’s – For everyone when they are first publish before getting a actual genre
  • Religion, Spirituality & New Age – For the worshippers and people who fully behind religion
  • Science – Again for your sciences
  • History – For history buffs and alike
  • Math – Clever clogs and Math Teachers
  • Anthology
  • Poetry – For poets creators
  • Encyclopedias – The know alls
  • Dictionaries – Good with words and scrabble
  • Comics – Life in another dimension
  • Art – The creative
  • Cookbooks – The chefs and bakers
  • Diaries – For the ones who like to take note of everything
  • Journals – Working the news and papers
  • Prayer books
  • Series – The Multidimensional people with no fix genre
  • Trilogy
  • Biographies
  • Autobiographies
  • Fantasy – Life on another planet

I want people to pick one these genre on the list that best describe them and comment below with the genre and 3 reasons why you think that genre.

The courtroom is now closed and the world bookshop is now open for business, i hope you enjoyed today insightful article about bullying or judging people with disabilities, i would fully appericate you watching the video I made on my YouTube channel.

Thank for joining the wackiness and please take time to comment, share and like this article.


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2 thoughts on “If you not a Judge, don’t be a Judge |Stand up to Bullying

  1. I like the idea of comparing people with books. It’s very true because everyone has their own story, and usually we haven’t ‘read’ the entire book, so we shouldn’t judge it.

    Kathrin — mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com


    • Good Morning KathrinS

      Thank you for you nice comment, When i realised we have are own unique life story i thought the world is like a big book shop.

      Thanks for Joining the Wackiness


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