Welcome to World of Xploration | The Journey so far



I would firstly like to welcome everyone to World of Xploration and joining the wacky journey of adventure, learning and getting a bit lost along the way.

A little birdie told me, that you the explorers out there wanted to know everything about this great little blog called World of Xploration! so in the post i will tell the story of the blog from it birth trough to today and look what ahead for the blog. 

About Me

Hello I’m Michael but I’m known as Mike, the bfg {Big Friendly Giant}, a lampost and giraffe, i don’t mind being called any of names i mentioned, I found it quiet interesting when people give me nick names and them nick names have come from me being very tall like a giraffe.

I’m 22 and I’m from England. I have multiple disability, Including autism and Dyspraxia.

I have always enjoyed living life and exploring the history of the world and history in general. I have always had a passion for exploring and history and in school my favourite subjects was History and Geography.

About the Blog

World of Xploration was founded originally on 9th of January 2016 as Autism Life then in April 2017, it changed names to World of Xploration.

On the 9th of January 2016 something new and exciting was brewing in cyberspace it was Autism Life, originally intended to be a variety blog to document my life and help me to celebrate my landmarks in my chaotic life.

It saw a few big moments in my life but was not caught on camera it was just words which can get lost in cyber space. On 12th of June 2016 Autism Life TV was founded on YouTube and the channel still going today but the videos are better and we will come that soon, some if the original videos can still be seen today and i was heavily experiment with power point video blogs which worked for a while.

Then we went back to the original format until Autism Life TV was renamed World of Xploration, I started posting visual videos on the channel in February 2017 and that’s when World of Xploration was founded and still running to-date.

Channel Has seen laughs, anxiety attacks and me getting lost countless times, that’s all part of journey you are journey me on, as I create was off the most interesting and real blog and YouTube channel you will ever find on the net. I only edit out the real rubbish but keep every sad and happy moment in the video to show you the real me and it not scripted at all and the formats are only rough guides so never except to videos to be same.

The current blog dynamic is all about fun and xploring the journey of autism in my own unique way and trying to build my social confidence and self esteem which running a bit low at the minute.

The Brand Refresh

Recently World of Xploration has been going through a period trail and error to see what works and doesn’t work, now 6 months old it about time we took the blog from trail and novices approach to a professional and well run blog.

I have now got a brand new colour scheme and font set to use across all of are publications on all platforms. You probably started to see new ways of doing things and new stuff appearing and more activity on this site than before, that because I want to this site to be my hub for everything World of Xploration publishes into Cyber Space.

Currently the idea bank is running low to, I have only got handful for ideas which currently being shown or in the process of becoming a feature.

Current Series

  • Autism Diary’s
  • Disused Stations
  • Where will Metrolink Take You [On Hold]
  • Manchester Buzz [On Hold]

Future ideas

  • Manchester Recreation = Parks and recreational areas of Manchester
  • Back Manchester = Looking and exploring the areas of Manchester which are hidden

That’s all folks if you want to join the wackiness you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @WOXMadness and don’t forget to check out YouTube too World of Xploration.ISLAND OF YOUR DREAMS

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