DISUSED STATIONS EP1 | Oldham Central, Oldham England


Disused Station.png

All aboard this special chartered steam train along the Oldham Loop Line only calling at Oldham Central Railway Station today, sorry for any inconvenience this may caused.

Disused Stations is a brand new project by World of Xploration, the mission is to document all the disused stations in the United Kingdom and make videos of the closed stations show case their current status and to unleash there stories and secrets during there operating days.

In episode one we will take a look at Oldham Central which was opened on 1st November 1847 on the extension of the Middleton Junction to Oldham Line. The station was situated as central as the railway line could get the town centre, on Clegg Street near to goods yard on Park Road.

The station was closed 18th April 1966 but the line through station remained in operation until 3rd October 2009 when the line closed to make way for the Metrolink conversion a few years later the line reopened as temporary metrolink route into Oldham mumps. but closed a few years later when the line the town centre opened and Oldham Central was born again this time as a Metrolink Station nearby Sainsbury on Union Street. Oldham Central was born as Metrolink Station when it opened on 27th January 2014.

It was nice to have a historic railway station back in Oldham.

Here’s the video you been waiting for

This Service terminates Here, Thanks for traveling with Mike on World of Xploration service.


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