DISUSED STATIONS | Introducing the series inspired by Geoff and Vicky from All The Stations


Disused Station.png

Welcome on board this special journey into past, on this journey through the past we will stop at all the disused stations, impossible you thinking, there no such means of doing it. Well, there is with careful planning and Mike excellent sense of direction it is doable.

There might be in excess of 4,000 stations to cover all over the United Kingdom its a massive job to undertaken and it might take about 15 years to complete the survey of the disused location sites. Seeing what they look like years and centuries on from their dismay.

This project is inspired by my fascination with disused railway lines and history, it also inspired by Geoff and Vicky from All The Stations who currently visiting all 2,560 stations which are still in operation today.

The videos will go up on a Friday every week on World of Xploration YouTube channel. Every station will have its own video full of stories and secrets.

If you have any tips and tricks for the massive project or want to feature on a video guide about a station you know secrets about please drop me DM on Facebook and Twitter.

Please follow all social media linked below for exclusive behind the scenes on Facebook and Instagram.

This Service terminates Here, Thanks for traveling with Mike on World of Xploration service.

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