World of Xploration tribute to the 22 victims of Manchester Attack #Manchesterbees


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Can you help to spread these bees out far and wide? this video is a tribute to all 22 victims which sadly got caught up in the Manchester Bombing, at Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017 at 10:30pm.

Dear angels in the sky this is a message from the folk in Manchester since hearing the tragic news of you taking unvolunteered steps up to heaven, for a well-deserved sleep. after the tragedy at Manchester Arena on 22nd of May 2017, at 10:30 pm when Arianna Grande finished her last song dangerous woman, everyone was excited to go home after a smashing time listening to some lovely tunes. but you was unaware of the nasty and evil man standing outside the arena raring to unleash his carnage on the lovely people of Manchester.

With the amazing support from the police, ambulance, and fire service, they managed to save so many lives but sadly some of you did not make it and took the steps up to heaven where you are now fully enjoying you very early retirement.

The hearts of Mancunian’s melted when the news broke of the tragedy and many kind hearted people put their self in danger to help out the victims and survivors of the tragedy. The bees of Manchester came out of the honey pot and mucked in too and that’s when the meaning of Manchester Iconic symbol of bees take on a new meaning.

Many people are still grieving your lost and many have laid down some beautiful flowers, balloons, candles, pictures, football gear and teddy bears. there have been around 22 trillion tears shed around Manchester, we have had a tram decorated with bees, a one love concert. the queen and royalty visiting Manchester.

I just thought I would share with you, what been going on in Manchester after your departure, hopefully, your friends and family will have watched my tribute to you all up in heaven.

God bless angels and carry on having a great time up there.

Lots of Love from xxx


World of Xploration


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