Rose Mill Redevelopment | Week 1 |The field that seen everything in its 100+ years!


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Howdy Explorers, I hope you all having a lovely Sunday, exploring and discovering the February half term is over with for another year.

Today’s article is looking at the changing face of Rose Mill and the Adjacent field just off Coalshaw Green Road.

History of the site

Coalshaw Green Field commonly referred locally as Rose Field or Rose Mill Field has always been a recreational field for the adjacent Coalshaw Green Park Since 1908 and has been used for dog walking, health walks, a local funfair, amateur and school footballs teams for generations and is considered to be one of the best playing surfaces in the area. It have seen nearly everything in it’s 100 plus years of Bonfires, Fights, Laughs, children playing and it have seen a few wars in its time

The local funfair disappeared from Coalshaw Green in the early 2000s and by 2004 the funfair doesn’t return to the field. It has been missed by all who grown up around the Funfair to the parents who took their children to the funfair.

There is something different now which is near the Coalshaw Green site and that is the annual Blackpool Comes to Oldham funfair which takes up a plot near Hollinwood Tram Stop.

Until 2007, there where a mill adjacent to the field called Rose Mill which was a local landmark for all that visited Chadderton and Coalshaw Green area. The mill sadly burnt down in 2007 due to arsonist attempt and later on the mill was deemed unsafe and later knocked down. ever since the mill was burnt down it was rumored and mentioned that the site would become housing and 10 years later the houses are coming.

The mill was built 1885 and was used for cotton and its last use was for cotton waste sorting until it was left vacated in the early 2000s and later was subjected to frequent arsonist attacks.

This week’s works

This week saw all the trees cleared along with vegetation around the field and former mill site and just other general site clearing jobs.

Next week the enabling works might pick up speed now all the clearance work is done.

To see the changes which have taken place check out the video below and check out World of Xploration Facebook page for daily updates

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