Owdham Owl News | Issue 1 |Januray developements


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Owdham entered January looking like a huge building site, with multiple road improvements and buildings undergoing repairs.

January in a summary saw a new car park open, parliament square started to look like a square and number of shops of said goodbye to Owdham in the last few months, with some new shops saying hello to Owdham. 

Retail  Going

The Co-operative Travel has said goodbye to 22 High Street and moved into Thomas Cook a few doors up near Mcdonalds.

Chocky Mike, market stall has closed due to the owner Mike Keeley entered semi-retirement. after more than 27 years on Tommyfield Market.

Retail Coming

River Rose has opened in December on the ground floor of Spindles Town Square, in the former GAME store which has not been occupied for around 2 years. The store sells fashion garments.

Kids Boutique has recently opened this month on the ground floor of Spindles Town Square, in the former Phones 4 U store. The store sells kids fashion

SugarSole is new store set open in the former BANK Store opposite Clintons card, I haven’t seen this store yet but is on the Spindles Town Square website. I imagine it sells shoes of all kinds

Vodafone has opened in the last month on the ground floor of Spindles Town Square, in the former Birthdays Store. The store sells mobile phones, making this part of the mall a phone hub with 3 phone stops next door to each other.

Retail Moves

Argos has packed its bags and moved down to Union Street and now setting up shop inside Sainsbury.

QPRINT Oldham has also packed its bags and moving out of the Bath Tavern on the corner of Union Street and Clegg Street. It moving to 2 Greenwood Street, Oldham, OL4 2DB.

Other Updates

The Old Mess House on Yorkshire Street now opened as Dentist Surgery.

Oldham Mumps Park and Ride has moved across the way to Regent Street.


If anyone knows of any movements in the town center and any major developments. You can let me know by leaving a comment or following our social media on facebook or twitter.

Chow for now

Mike Cunniffe

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