News Review | Funchester | May 2016



Over the month of May, Manchester citizens have managed to create a barrel of funny and bizarre news articles from Dancing lottery winner, Goldilocks arrested and 10 Firefighters trying to Rescue a Cat.

Grab your brew and get comfy to read the delights of Funchester, where everything is surprising and Mancunian can see the funny side to life.

10 Firefighters try to rescue a cat stuck in a tree in Heywood.

Date published | 26 May 2016


Cat in tree | Source

10 Firefighters needed to rescue a cat stuck in the tree, on a busy road in Heywood. Has Mancunians not heard of ladders and try to rescue the cat their self, as the fire service got more severe needs to attend like a massive fire where lives are in danger.

A passer-by saw a cat up in the tree as he was walking down Bamford Road in Heywood When he grabbed his mobile and dialled 999 for the fire brigade to be despatched to rescue the cat.

It was rescued safely and the cat was in a distressed state, RSPCA looked after the cat.

To read the full article >>>> Click Here <<<<

A Man found a drunk ‘Goldilocks’ asleep in his car.

Date published | 27 May 2016


This is where a sleepy goldilocks sleep, not in stranger car in Funchester. Source |

The man dialled 999 after finding the gent passed out in his vehicle on Lower Ormond Street in Manchester city centre on Friday morning.

GMP City Centre tweeted: “Modern day Goldilocks? 999 at 7.30am from Lower Ormond St resident who found a random drunk man sleeping in his car, who refused to get out.”

Mancunians are well known for the Anywhere, Any Time will do for everything. Sunbathing, Sleeping and watching events.

Some advice to ‘Goldilocks’ out there, If you feeling sleepy in Manchester. there are loads of places to rest you head without anyone bothering you. Benches, Gardens and Walls but not other people’s cars please as the boys in blue might move you on and get an angry reception from the car owner.

To read the full article >>>> Click Here <<<<

Road worker who scooped £1 Million jackpot on £5 Scratch card.

Dad Carl Crook, 25, broke down in tears of joy after winning the money on a lunch break on Oxford Road – but says he will carry on working (without the overtime)

The civil engineering worker was carrying out upgrades on Oxford Road on Thursday when he popped into a local shop to buy a drink and a scratch card.

Carl, who works for Kenny Bros civil engineering firm, said he was unable to work for the rest of the day and his pals had to stay 90 minutes later to pick up his workload.

This is the bit of humour article to celebrate this worker becoming a millionaire and going home early just because he lost his mind when he won on the scratch card.

To read the full article >>>> Click Here <<<<

I hoped you enjoyed today’s news review and you saw the funny side to Funchester, sorry Manchester.

All sourced from Manchester Evening News.

To see Monday edition click here.


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