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As summer and school, 6 weeks holidays are fast approaching us, It’s only custom for Metrolink to dust off it machinery, workers and divert it Metrolink service to cause as much disruption as they probably can during the School Holidays in the Summer.

This summer will see the city split into 2 half with St Peters Square being closed to Metrolink traffic and Eccles Line will be closed for Track Renewal.

Autism Life we provide you with all the information possible, so you can prepare for the closure and we will publish the replacement buses later in the month when they are released.

St Peter Square Closure

St Peter’s Square is one of the busiest city centre tram stops and will be a key destination on the new Second City Crossing. That’s why we’re building a much bigger, better stop in the square, with two huge new platforms and two sets of track running through it.

Metrolink and TFGM are closing the Single line through square from Sunday 26th July 2016 to End of August, this is to allow work to commence on getting the new station service ready, connecting the tracks and overhead power lines, there also system testing and tram testing to take place.

The new stop is a key part of Manchester City Council’s redevelopment of St Peter’s Square into a more pedestrian-friendly, lively place for people to relax and enjoy themselves. We can’t wait for you to start using it.

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Eccles Line Closure

Since the Eccles tram line opened in 2000, we’ve catered for millions of journeys and supported regeneration in the area, helping to attract new businesses and investment, including the flagship MediaCityUK development. Now we’re gearing up to give it a new lease of life by replacing sections of the rail that are showing signs of wear, and that means we’ll have to close the Eccles via MediaCityUK line for up to two months.

To lessen the overall impact on customers Metrolink timed the closure to coincide with final works at St Peter’s Square and when fewer people will be travelling due to the summer holiday period. There will be no trams running on the Eccles via MediaCityUK line from 26 June, but we’ll be providing replacement bus services to keep good transport links along the route and to connect with Metrolink services into the city centre.

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Replacement Lines

South of St Peters Square

All lines will from Trafford Depot on this section and The Lines will run as followed;

[Line A] Altrincham – Deansgate-Castlefield

Passengers from Piccadilly Gardens can get Alternative Buses to Altrincham without struggling to Deansgate-Castlefield for the Altrincham Service.

  • 263 | Altrincham Stand B – Sale StretfordTrafford BarManchester Piccadilly Gardens Stand K | Arriva North West Sapphire Service | 58 Minutes
  • X41 | Altrincham Stand B – Sale – Northenden – Manchester Piccadilly Gardens Stand H| Stagecoach Manchester | 1 Hour 10 Minutes |
  • 41 | Altrincham Stand B – Sale – Northenden – Manchester Piccadilly Gardens Stand H | First Manchester | 59 Minutes | Extends to Altrincham in the Evening and runs to Sale/West Didsbury in the day.
  • Trains from Manchester Piccadilly – Altrincham | 29 Minutes

I recommend the 263 Route as the alternative to the Metrolink as this service calls at many of the stations along the line and runs the full length of the Altrincham Line. The vehicles offer Plug Sockets, Wi-Fi, leather seats and Next Stop Announcements. It’s just like the Tram but just minus the power lines and rails, with a few things you don’t find on the Metrolink.

[Line B] Manchester Airport – Cornbrook

[Line C] Manchester Airport – Firswood {3am – 6am}

  • 43 | Manchester Piccadilly Gardens West DidsburyWythenshaweManchester  Airport Stand E | Stagecoach Manchester | 1 Hour
  • 44 | Manchester Piccadilly GardensEast Didsbury – Gatley – Manchester Airport Stand F – World Freight Terminal | MCT |58 Minutes
  • 105 | Manchester Piccadilly Gardens – Wythenshawe – Manchester Airport Stand D | Stagecoach Manchester | 55 Minutes
  • Trains for Manchester Stations to Manchester Airport | 15 – 30 minutes

[Line D] East Didsbury – Deansgate-Castlefield

[Line E] Media City UK – Deansgate-Castlefield – From Late July/Early August

From Sunday 26th of June, there will be no service on the Eccles in a whole, with the line partly reopening in Late July/ Early August.

In the meantime, there is plenty of trains and buses serving Eccles from the city centre.

[Line F] Ashton-under-Lyne – Bury

[Line G] Bury – Etihad Campus {Peak Only}

[Line H] Shaw and Crompton – Piccadilly {Peak Only}

[Line I] Rochdale – Exchange Square

If you require knowing any routes numbers or where to get a service in Manchester check out this link to City Centre departure.

I hope this guide been useful to you and your friends.

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Mike Cunniffe

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