Lost & Forgotten | Metrolink Stations | Closed



The Metrolink system is full of history, from it’s firm routes of conversion from heavy rail to light rail, the consent system updates, it means that some stations don’t stand the test of time and close for good and later demolished.

There are 3 closed stations and a handful of abandoned plans for additional new stations. 2 closed stations appear in the city centre and 1 on the Bury Line.

High Street


Manchester Metrolink built a tram stop on the High Street providing convenient access to the Arndale shopping centre. The shop was close to the doors of the centre unlike the current stop on Market Street which provides convenient access to Lewis’s and Ryland Building now Primark Manchester and Debenhams respectably.

The stop opened on 27 April 1992. Market Street opened the same day, around the corner from the High Street Stop. Both stops were single platforms staggered across the road. each platform was named differently.


Trams towards Piccadilly Station and St Peters Square would stop at High Street and Trams to Bury would stop at Market Street.

In 1998, High Street stop saw it’s fate when it closed and demolished and The Market Street stop was modified when it was closed traffic and pedisternised.

The nearest stop for the Arndale is Exchange Square it door to door with the Arndale Centre.


Mosley Street


Mosley Street stop was located in the city zone and was unique to the system as it was only served by trams out of the city and not into the city.

The construction of this stop started in 1990 and was opened on 27 April 1992.


Mosley street departed on 18 May 2013 at 00:13 the last tram service to past through the stop.



Woodlands Road


T-68 Tram departing Woodlands Road Station


Woodlands Road was on the Bury Line, It was located in the Cheetham Hill area of North Manchester. It was originally opened in 1913 as a heavy rail station and was closed for conversion to light rail in 1991 and reopened in 1992 as a light rail station for the Metrolink system.


Peter Whatley [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


With the opening of 2 new stations Abraham Moss (Opened 2011) and Queens Road (2013). The days was numbered for Woodlands Road when the service level dropped to weekdays only and the station closed 16 December 2013.


Bird Eyes view of the Woodlands Road station [Metrolink Era]

This tram terminates here, all change please. I hoped you enjoyed your trip down memory lane and please share your memories via Facebook and twitter.


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