8 Things you come across in Manchester: Metrolink



Manchester is a massive city with a hugely diverse population and there no surprise that when you are travelling on Manchester Metrolink, you might come across the bizarre situation on board the trams, platform and tracks.

Autism Life is looking at 10 most common things that happen or appears on the Manchester Metrolink Network.

Sit Comfortably and Get ready for the departure of this private tram service.

1 | Cars on the Track

There been more cars and vehicles appearing on the tram only tram sections of the network around Manchester. They an average 2 cars on the tracks every month, Sometimes it’s present you with head scratching moment to think how the car got on the track where there no adjoining road.

There been pictures of Trams on Platforms, Track Beds and boundary between road and platform.

When the Network was down due technical faults, a car driver in Oldham, thought he would take advantage of the tram only section of track on Union Street.

2 | Young People Social Club

This is quite a board term to describe the young people behaviour on the tram. The young people display Anti-Social Behaviour, can be loud and can start an argument. Some think and treat the tram as there only mobile social club without a care or thought of the fellow passengers.

It not just the trams which are used as a social club it the platforms too.

3 | Warning Paparazzi on-board

This is fairly new one on me, I just came across yesterday, when there was the photographer on board the tram, taking pictures through the tram windows.

4 | The Night Ambulance

Due to the quick convenient network we have, which serves most of Manchester nightlife spots.

Give the drunken party goers looking a bit rough and ready a free ride home, as half, them probably can’t walk never mind thinking about paying for tickets

5 | Mobile Dance and Party Club

When passengers are merry or don’t have a care in the world, they power up their mobile phones and start to blast out tunes, some even go the next stage and have a dance onboard the spacious tram.

6 | Football Trams

I always try to avoid these trams due to the fact they are always packed to the max and can get very loud but can be entertain too.

There usually singing, chanting, football rivalry and other fun.

7 | Bizarre Scenes


Thanks to Manchester Evening News for giving me inspiration and Picture is reserved to the paper.

Passengers are bound to come across bizarre scenes on platforms or on the tram.

But perhaps the best ever conversation was this:

  • Random man 1: ‘Do you like baked potatoes?
  • Random man 2: I can’t say I have an opinion.
  • Random man 1: I love baked potatoes. I mean what’s not to love?
  • Random man 2: ….
  • Random man 1: I’ve got one for my tea *pats potato shaped bulge in shirt pocket* cooked and ready to go
  • Random man 2: Good for you. Live the dream.
  • Random man 1: I think the beans may have started to leak though *looks down forlornly at growing stain* ‘Do you want some?
  • Random man 2: I’m good, thanks though.
  • Random man 3: I’ll have some *gets out plastic fork from pocket and eats half of the potato from the hand of random man 1*

Whether that’s accidentally becoming part of some moving street theatre, helping a very drunk person get out of a pram that they have somehow got stuck inside, being asked your opinion on beards/micro pigs/musicals/ while unnervingly being filmed on someone’s mobile, getting drawn into an impromptu rave, or people deciding the busy early morning commute is the best place to get changed out of cycling gear and into a penguin fancy dress outfit.

8 | I’m late out, I haven’t got time to look decent!

There always embarrassing situation cropping up on the Metrolink, One case is when passengers must have looked like they are late out for work, wearing no trousers and all on show was some lovely legs and underwear.  for a charity of No Trousers to work day.

Passengers travelled on the Metrolink in just their pants as part of the No Trousers travel day

There are other cases off embarrassing yourself on the tram this could be accidentally sitting on a stranger’s knee, falling asleep, grabbing hold of someone’s leg instead of the railing, diving off the tram to be sick in a bin after a heavy night, or, perhaps the ultimate humiliation, not being able to find your ticket when the army of inspectors get on.

This article would not be doable if it was not for Manchester evening news giving me the inspiration for the article and supplying the images.

Mike Cunniffe

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