Welcome Back to Autism Life



In April, the posting slowed down to a stop and was also suspend towards the end of the month. the reason behind the post being suspended for a while was due to the fact I had to cope with a lot changes in my life.

I lost are family dog called Brandy, he will be missed by all, also, I was poorly and lacking the motivation to write lovely articles for you and also I had to cope with an upcoming holiday and starting a new job.

So Autism Life was at back of my mind of things to do but this downtime has freed up time for me to refresh the blog and social media, with a new platform created just in case I ever make any movies and that platform called YouTube and channel name is Autism Life TV.

We are going to still post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but this time with a twist, we are theming each post week, so there will be 3 posts similar to each other for example fruit week would be, Monday apples, Wednesday pears, Friday, oranges.

Their plenty of new series which will keep appearing in theme weeks, as well as old series. There also brand new graphics in the articles and better promotion of my social media links.

Lastly, let’s make Autism Life , awesome by sharing, visiting are social media and suggesting post idea you would like to see. It’s Life blog and people blog, I would like to welcome all readers into the Autism Life Community.

That’s all folks, this week’s articles are not themed as such due to delays caused by Autism Life down time, see you soon.

Mike Cunniffe

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