Autism Life Presents … Lost & Forgotten Series


April has been a very unproductive month for Autism Life, with illness and lack of post content and motivation to get the article out 3 days a week.

In return for a bad month of articles, Autism Life would like to give you a new series to read on a monthly for 6 Months as the trail to see if it well received and liked, It also a goodwill gesture for a better month of posting coming in May.

The series is going to be called Lost & Forgotten, it’s aimed is to provide readers with the history and present day facts and figures, off the forgotten past. Whether it’s a closed pub, railway station or shop we going to be covering that in this new series.

With this series, a new social network will be launched called Autism Life TV over on YouTube.

Autism Life is due to publish the first article for Lost and Forgotten in Late May and the first article going to be a Lost Pub Trail…

The history we are covering is from the start of life to present.

Stay turned into Autism Life during are difficult month, sorry for the inconvenience

Mike Cunniffe

© Autism Life 2016

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