An Autistic Expert Interview About Travelling


Some of the readers might have gathered that I like to travel around the country a lot, mainly using the bus network and are probably wondering why I choose to travel on buses all day.


This little interview guide, technically not interviewed anyone but hey ho it’s like a interview in a guide form, so just call it a interview.

Come on board my bus

So back in 2010/11 I started to gain confidence in getting the local buses to town and home, I gradually started exploring the local towns in Greater Manchester on the buses. Then in September 2011 came the biggest change in my life where I would have to get the bus to and from my home to Fitton Hill for collage five days a week.

Then I think this daily travelling lit a flame inside me when I started get a interest in to the operation of the buses and the routes the buses take to get from A-B.

By summer 2012 I still got excited when there a new bus or rare allocation to a route and so I think this is year where I know I love the buses and found a interest in something fore filling for life.

By 2013 and 2014 I started to visit every town in Greater Manchester at the weekend and I think this was the year I started to venture outside In fact 2014 was the first year I started to do little manageable trips out for the day to keep me entertained on a weekend.

2015 Came around and it was the year my travelling on the buses and travelling in whole took off, I started travelling further into West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire and bit of Merseyside. Also in this year I had 3 holidays, one I planned my self and 2 coach holidays.

The one I did on my own was to Penrith in the Lake district and It was also the longest day trips of my Life as I travelled from Lancaster to Penrith all by bus it took around 3 bus routes there and back over the Saturday and Sunday, The reason I’m writing this is it actually a year on Monday since I did this trip to Penrith and I wanted to express my self and explain my hobby.

I’m still doing bus days out exploring different operators and routes, as every route I do has story to tell or reason for it upcoming withdrawal.

I travel to relive stress and help with my autism control within buses places I don’t’ like freighting though crowds or walking on foot as I frightened to get lost.

So it’s Q & A time

Q : how can you afford to do all this trips out and travel on so many buses?

A: I have free bus pass that entitles me to travel in England only and If i need to pay for anything I buy well advance to get the cheapest price.

Q : How long do your trips take you to do ?

A: On average around 10 hours and some long distance can take me around 12 – 14 hours to complete.

Q : How do you eat  ?

A : I usually get fast food or anything quick local to my next bus connection but sometimes I do a sit down meal in a greasy spoon or a café.

Q : Do you explore the places you visit ?

A : Sometimes I do but more often just explore the places from the bus seat

Q : Can you give me travel advice for any mode of transport.

A : Off course I can give you travel advice and I will make sure your trip goes smoothly.

If you have any other questions or want find more about my interest you can allows tweet, Facebook message us on are accounts  or comment in the comment box below.

I hope this article has given you some insight into my hobby and has explain why I do it.

Mike Cunniffe

Social Media

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