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I have created a new topic called Autism & Me, It’s where all my achievements, stories, and other Autism awareness materials go when it’s created and will be easily identified in the article heading.

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Today we going to look at how I have come about defraying the odd when it comes to tackling challenges and situation which is normally so hard for a person on the autism spectrum. I’m 1 in few thousand that has mild autism.

So get comfy, grab your notepad and get ready to take notes and tips from the man himself.

I was diagnosed at a very early age of my life and when there was no autism spectrum like there is now. At the age of 5 or 6 my parents received the news I was autistic and from there on, I have gone on to bigger and better things. Let us look how I got from being diagnosed to where I am now in my life.

When I was diagnosed with autism it was rare unheard condition and not many people know what it is was or how I would develop in life. All the doctor knew I was autistic and that was it no advice or nothing as I can remember.

I was in mainstream school until 2002 when it was decided by social services and other support services to put me into special education. It was that very same year when there were some changes happening. I was going from hating school to loving school. be a right old terror at home.

As the years progressed in school, I progressed in life the school but the future was still looking bleak.

The future for me in 2006 looked bleak, It was looking I would never go outside the home, make friends, work or even travel alone.

Thanks to the hard work that Kingfisher school put in for me in my primary education and New Bridge Group for secondary education and further education. I would be still stuck in 2006 prediction.

By 2010, I was starting to surprise people when I started thinking about live after school and It was this year when my life and autism started to change.

I was causing less trouble, finding situations less stressful, making friends and having an opportunity of a lifetime.

By 2014, I had been on a work placement and secured my first ever job which only led to me landing my second job. Also during this time I was starting to travel over the greater Manchester boundary on buses, as buses keep me the calm and good way of dealing with my autism problems and reduce the chance of sensory overload.

2016 is seeing the fastest development stage in my life, with achievements coming on average every 2 weeks. so far I have achieved

  • London
  • Travelling in London
  • Making great friends
  • Meeting a friend outside work
  • Stepping in an Airport
  • Arranging an Airport Tour
  • Night out
  • Joined a Social Group

What could the rest of year and the future hold for me, the only way to find out is on Autism Life, The Journey of Life!

Mike Cunniffe

© Autism Life 2016

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