London Called | Achievements and Triggers


On Saturday 2nd, April 2016 was Autism Awareness Day and also was the day I archived my dream of visiting London. With Autism, it is easier said than done.

In London there loads of things that can trigger sensory overload and can bring autism on.


Come and Join me on my trip to London and Find what set of my Autism and what I got up to while down in the Capital.

The biggest challenge for anyone is to get into the capital and that can be stressful which every way you come into London.

I was on the 2-hour train from Manchester to Euston via Crewe. It’s the quickest way to get into London and you can see a dozen of places on route to the capital.

I got off the train at Euston and Autism was soon triggered when I was in a huge pack of people leaving the concourse for the city, this leads me to feel uneasy but I managed to get out the station and find the buses.

Then I went on a little red bus tour of the capital to get me to the Borough Market

  • Bus 68 Euston – Aldwych – Boris master
  • Bus 15 Aldwych – Tower Hill/Tower Gateway – Heritage Route master
  • Bus RV1 Tower Gateway – The Hop Exchange/ Borough Market

The Borough Market is located in London Bridge area and the market provided dozen of problems for autistic people.

I Enjoyed the market stalls I managed to look out and have a taster from but only lasted around 30 minutes, when my body decided to go into Sensory overload and I had to leave the market.

This led to a problem I don’t have a clue where to go to recover so I went for a walk around the bus points and stops to work out a new destination what was Waterloo. This is when I decided I will stick to the buses where I’m more comfortable.

  • Bus 381 London Bridge – Waterloo
  • Bus 507 Waterloo – Victoria
  • Bus 211 Victoria – Fulham Broadway via Chelsea F.C and Every Hospital in Chelsea.
  • Bus 391 Fulham Broadway – Hammersmith
  • Bus 10 Hammersmith – Tottenham Court Road Station

While on the route 10 I saw an advert for the M&M World in Leicester Square, Which I Always wanted to do, so I got on my mobile phone and onto TFL website to find out how I can get there from Marble Arch.

So I stayed on the route to journey down Oxford Street car park to Tottenham Court Road Station where I spent around 10 minutes getting lost and struggling to get my Barings

I Finally found my bus stop and board the 79 toward Penge and alighted at the next stop Leicester Square Station.

So I finally got to Leicester Square and went to find M&M World, I found it and went in and boy it was busy. I managed to a look on all 4 floors but was gradually getting stressed so I decided to leave the store and take 5 minutes in Leicester Square.

Then I thought I will find somewhere in Leicester Square to get my tea, I found a place not far from where I was sitting. I checked the menu and while I was checking the menu there was the lady who works at the restaurant kept talking to me while I Was pricing the menu up.

La Chandelle was the restaurant I was chosen and I would not go there again. The food was good but the environment was not so good and knackered menu well past their sell by date.

Then back to Euston for the Train home only to arrive an hour early so I went shopping and bus watching until my train due out.

I thought to myself I can start to relax now I’m on the train and only a bus to get home but that was not the case when I got to Manchester on the Train, I went for my local bus route home. All went to plan until we got to Harpurhey in Manchester. When the bus I was on decided to break down and It was an another hour until our replacement service came long. What a great way to end a very hectic day.

London is going to happen again sometime in the future but Only on the red buses as that can keep me calm and I still London Sights.

I hope you enjoyed my trip to London and are proud of your author achievements.

Mike Cunniffe

© Autism Life 2016

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