Wake Up to Smell of Manure


The only trip I managed to muster up over the Easter break was on Good Friday, Friday? I thought your trips take place on a Saturday. Due to me being on leave due to Easter Bank Holidays. I decided to do this trip over to Lancashire and Yorkshire.


Open your windows and let in that lovely fresh smell of Manure!

It was a lovely crisp clear Good Friday, Give me a good excuse to ride on some services that don’t usually operate on a Friday.

In the morning I headed over to Skipton, North Yorkshire only to find out North Yorkshire was like a car park.

Anyhow here the trip

  • Tram | South Chadderton – Victoria
  • Tram | Victoria – Piccadilly Gardens
  • Bus X43 | Manchester – Burnley
  • Bus 872 | Burnley – Skipton [Usually on a Sunday]
  • Bus X84 | Skipton – Ilkley
  • Bus 762 | Ilkley – Harrogate
  • Bus 36 | Harrogate – Leeds
  • Bus 202 | Leeds – Huddersfield
  • Bus 184 | Huddersfield – Oldham
  • Tram | Oldham – Freehold



It went down hill from Huddersfield, I had to deal with a ranty passenger which carried on cursing me on the bus for about 15 minutes all because I was boarding the bus before he was.

Then abuse on the tram with a bully who like to take the mick out of me.

That proper put the damper on a great day out.

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Mike Cunniffe

© Autism Life 2016

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