BBC Documentary Review: The A Word Episode 2


Don’t worry Autism Life is back, the author was absent due to illness.

Today we will review the tense episode 2 of The A Word which aired yesterday on BBC 1.

It was a great episode and well played by the actors.

I love the scene that is filmed in Manchester Pen & Pencil Bar in the northern quarter, I have been in the bar and what a nice venue but people with autism will find it hard due to the music being loud. Horrific-injuries-five-thugs-inflicted-on-Ryan-King-at-Pen-and-Pencil-in-the-Northern-Quarter-bar.png

Joe role is just getting better and really showing what it like to have autism and what other provice of him and wanting him to fit in like any normal person.

I would give the second episode a 4/5 for realism and excellent portrayal of Joe the autistic son.

If you missed or want to watch the first episode of The A word you can watch here.

IMDb The A Word profile

Mike Cunniffe

(C) Autism Life 2016

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