Eggstatic Easter Music


Everyone loves a sing song and what a better way to celebrate the Easter weekend with some music but no ordinary music.

Music with the word Easter in the title.

Time to listen to this Eggcellant post.

There are five songs from various artists and genre of music.

Love Battery – Easter

Love battery released the album Between The Eyes in 1991 and It’s a bit of slow starter song but has a bit rock to it.

Jefferson Airplane – Easter

Jefferson Airplane released the album Long John Silver in 1972 and it’s a great song and a bit of a rock vibe.

Marillion – Easter

The song was released in 1990

These Arms Are Snakes – Easter

This is a full album for the rock fans out there, Released in 2006

Patti Smith – Easter

Another full album of songs and less of the rock music on this one. The song Easter is at 34:16 in the video. Released in 1978

I hope this has given you nostalgic entertainment and I haven’t deafened you.

Have good Easter and don’t forget to follow are Easter egg hunt over social media.

Mike Cunniffe

© Autism Life 2016

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