BBC Documentary Review: The A Word Episode 1


I watched the first every episode of this 6 part drama, to review for this blog.

I thought the opening part of the show was well edited and clearly shown autism diagnoses in the best possible light. All centred around a party where the lad called joe becomes distracted and isolated, then his parents believe their son does not have autism.

Later in the episode, it featured a heart-warming part where Joe get diagnosed with autism and the parent still believe he has not got autism.

It cleared shown throughout the episode that a child can relate more to Adults, haver fiction and become withdrawn from society.

I would give the first episode a 5/5 for realism and excellent portrayal of Joe the autistic son.

If you missed or want to watch the first episode of The A word you can watch here.

IMDb The A Word profile

Mike Cunniffe

(C) Autism Life 2016


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