EPIC Cross Country Bus Ride


Recently on the 12th March 2016, I took on gruelling bus trip covering around 120 miles over 3 counties Lancashire, North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. hog-roast-le-tour

I went over rivers, hills and countryside to make this one of most lovely and scenic ride out.

So how did I manage to do this trip on buses and In a day, read on to find out?

To archive this trip I had to cheat with a train ride to Chorley but originally it was going to be 362 Wigan – Chorley but I was running behind schedule leaving home so it was the train.

I used the following modes of transport and routes.

  • Train: Manchester Piccadilly – Chorley
  • Bus Route 7 | Chorley – Croston
  • Bus Route 112 | Croston – Prison – Preston
  • Bus Route 280/180 | Preston – Clitheroe – Skipton
  • Bus Route 28 | Skipton – Burnley
  • Bus Route 517 | Burnley – Hebden Bridge
  • Bus Route 590 | Hebden Bridge – Rochdale
  • Metrolink | Rochdale – Home

I had a little visit to HMP Wymott prison on this trip and this the second trip where buses have taken me into bizarre places, last was Weeton Barracks on the 75 Preston – Fleetwood


In a whole, the trip was very long but scenic, that what’s matter the scenery and places I see on the trip.

That’s all today folks turn in next time.

Mike Cunniffe

© Autism Life 2016

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