School’s Out for Summer!


Leaving school can be a thought a back of mind for many years but when the time comes to leave you home for good and it can be a challenging last year at school.

It’s even harder for people with special educational needs and can throw up a few surprises along.

We going to be having a chat today in the article.

We all been to school and have experienced the ups and downs of school and education. you have to leave at some point in your life.

We know when we are in are last year of education there number of extra things in the curriculum what only appears at the end of your educational spell at the school.

The signs are

  • Leavers Assembly Planning
  • Prom/ Leaving Party preparation and planning
  • Pile of Exams
  • Work Placements
  • Advice for a better future
  • Questions about what you doing after school.
  • Transitions Day and the day where you experience your new collage.
  • Tears
  • School friends making frantic attempts to add each other on social media.
  • Students attempting to keep in tough with close teachers
  • Signing uniform or destroying uniforms.

Leaving assemblies are more of tear jerking and emotional words than a goodbye. Usually students read a leaving speech but usual struggles to read it out due to emotion getting the better of them.

When it was my leaving assembly I was a nervous wreck and In year 6 I had to have someone reading my speech out and in year 11 I read my own out and in year 14 I was a no show.

I know it’s pretty bad for not turning up to your years end of year celebration but there number reasons I did not want to partake in the celebrations. Mainly I wanted to exit the back door with no fuss at all.

On the day of the leavers assembly I was tied up with a collage day thing but the worst is yet to come, I did not partake in the leavers party/ prom as it was not my thing and I never attend of my leavers prom.

It’s really hard to watch and listen to special needs to student wrenching there hearts out while trying to read there speech. There been times where i watched assembly and student have run out of the theatre.

Time to rewind to year 6 assembly, I can remember to staying to the teachers that I will not leave Kingfisher school easy and I will hold on tight to the doors so I could stay there for ages.

I hope I haven’t brought on the waterworks

This the last post in School Autism Awareness Week 2016

Mike Cunniffe

© Autism Life 2016

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