How My School Journey Made Me a Better Person


Are you ready to join me on the rollercoaster of laughter, getting stuck, my tricks and other school stories?

School can create so many memories and some memories you might want to forget.


This article will go trough my 7 Education providers.

Buckle up for this rollercoaster of stories and achievements.

My school journey started before the turn of the century and by 2003, I have been in the 4 primary schools, technically 3 but under 4 names.

Primary School Era

Mainstream Education

I started my education in mainstream education, which started to expose problems from day one and led me to diagnose with autism.

I was becoming withdrawn in classes, trying to hide from the teachers and causing chaos. Luckily somehow I survived to 2002/2003 when I was placed in special education.

Were there any highlights?

While at Spring brook/ Ferney Field  school, Christmas was cancelled because all students were misbehaving, so the headmaster cancelled Christmas as a punishment.

Following on from that there a reward scheme introduced, where we get a prize for behaving that did not fully work.

Then residential to Camelot was a treat for good students and for me that was no go but I found a way to get on the trip to get out of school education.

In summary, my time at Spring brook/Ferney Field was Mischief, Fun Filled and no work barrel.

Was there a favourite saying?

You are going off the rails. That was used nearly every day.

My Move into Special Education

With my move into Kingfisher school brought more laughter and mischief but more work was being done and starting to show through in me. 6965706-kingfisher-water

I settled into Kingfisher School, very well like a duck to water.

It was not always a smooth ride there was the ups and downs but there where more opportunity for me to establish myself.

I must have been allocated to nearly every class group until my last 2 years in the magpies class, yes I spent two years in the same class.

During my time at the school, I appeared on the TV twice, got my arm stuck before going home, I tried numbers of times to get out of education and won a competition.

You are problem wondering how I got my arm stuck before home time, well you know when kids are trying to explore things, i was that kid you took things a step too far and got stuck between the window and toilet cubicle and as my punishment I was on the last minibus out of school and nearly to have the fire bridge to rescue me. but after 15 minutes I managed to release my arm and left the school. After my class teachers, caretaker head teacher, escort all watched on.

Why do did you do it in the first place, I was only being lazy and getting hand towels of the window stile.

There loads of stories to tell about my time at Kingfisher School, would you like to hear them?

Secondary School Era

Secondary school was pretty much like primary school but a bit of a faster pace.

I introduced myself to new bridge in the biggest stylist way I could think of. I joined New Bridge when it was fairly new just 1 year old.

I thought to best at the time is to use the hurricane technique and it was a catalyst for further mischief and chaos causing  behaviour until settling down in year 11.

Every opportunity I could or create to get out of doing lessons, break times, lunch times even the weeks when we were not on the timetable.

That could be doing 101 things like

  • Filling the Vending Machine
  • Supporting the Autism Base Breakfast Club
  • Supporting with Swimming, to get an hour less in P.E
  • School Council
  • Wheelchair Buddy
  • Supporting with setting up the activity on Super Learning Week
  • Helping in the Library
  • Seeing what it like to be other people shoes [Role Playing]
  • Cooking Room Mentor
  • Paper Collector
  • Milk Man
  • Printing Collecting
  • Teaching a Lesson
  • Day Trips out
  • Attending events like Choir Singing in Costco
  • Causing Chaos
  • Hiding out
  • Supporting Students
  • Residential
  • Doing odd Jobs
  • Cleaning
  • Doing First Aid Course Which I have passed

I’m Pretty sure this list is not the normal curriculum, instead it’s mike curriculum.

You do not keep me down in lessons of the classroom unless I found the subject of interest to me.

The lessons I was in majority of times was. R.E, Science, Cooking, Swimming, Wood Work, Arts, Geography and History.

Rest of the lessons I somehow I was not in all the time.

I was pretty much the same moving over to the New Bridge Learning Centre in 2011.

Further Education

You are meant to last 3 years at the learning centre but I only lasted a year and a half being moving to a project supported by New Bridge….

Moving over too the learning gave more opportunity to try and skip lessons I don’t like.

So here’s go the Learning Centre list of escape tricks

  • Joining a Horticulture Pathway. [Only lessons you do is I.C.T, Gardening, Life Skills, English and Maths.
  • More Organising and Cleaning
  • More trips out
  • Helping at Reception
  • Putting Christmas Decs up
  • Doing my online mock theory test
  • Cleaning and Setting up the dinning room
  • Helping out everywhere
  • Started to do Sign Language Course
  • Doing Contracts

As you can see I had loads of fun at the learning centre and find more ways to escape tasks.

By Easter 2013, I put in a request to move to Royal Oldham Hospital, on a year-long work placement called Bridging the Gap. I should have been starting that in September but I managed to start there in April 2013.

That’s how I landed work at the Hospital in July 2014 and stayed there in various roles until November 2015.

Now my life carrying growing into a better and brighter future.

I would not recommend doing any of my tricks to get out of your lessons, instead, I recommend you to knuckle down and get good grades in your lessons by not being a monkey like me.

That’s all folks today, join us tomorrow for some fun and games.

Mike Cunniffe

© Autism Life 2016

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