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New Bridge School was founded in 2004 and opened September 2005, It merged with Marland Fold School, Park Dean School and Gorse bank School.



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The new school on Roman Road, Hollinwood was built to create a state of the art school and merge the 3 school sites together under one roof, or should that be 2 roofs.

New Bridge refurbished Park Dean School, in Fitton Hill and that was to become the site of the learning centre catering for students 16 – 19 years. The learning centre opened at the same time of the school in September 2005.

New Bridge has developed and grown ever since 2005 and recently became a known as the group with more sites and provisions for the young people that study at this school and learning centre.

New Bridge School

New Bridge School was built in a curve style and mainly single story with the upper level down the middle of the building making it like a fancy T design. Not to Scale Ground Floor Design

I drew a rough building design so you can get understand of the curve.

The site was built with the following

Ground Floor

  • Swimming Pool & Hydro Pool
  • Sports Hall come to Dinning Room
  • Common Room later dance studio and classroom info from 2011
  • 2 Food Study rooms with a pantry.
  • Theatre
  • Props Storage
  • Conservatory later a Library info from 2011
  • Occupational Therapy room
  • North Wing Classroom
  • 2 Science rooms
  • 2 Art Rooms
  • Printing Room later a calming down room info from 2011
  • Assisted Bathrooms
  • Learning Support Unit
  • The Hub in the former Staff Room, Head Master office
  • Sensory Room
  • 2x Design and Technology suites
  • 1 I.C.T Room
  • Autism Bases
  • Physiotherapy Room.

First Floor

  • Music Room
  • Sound Recording Studio
  • Balcony for theatre
  • Library which became the interactive learning suite
  • Speech Therapy
  • Classrooms
  • I.C.T Room
  • Printing Room
  • Meeting Room

This information and usage of the rooms are from my knowledge in 2011 before I left this site as a student.

There are allows changes happening to rooms and spaces to cater for growing demand for the school.

When I was a student in 2006 there were no classrooms upstairs except the subject  rooms, it was mainly offices and library up there.

But as my education there carried on there was always something being changed or added to the building. So the 2005 look is completely different to 2016 look.

Other Sites

The learning centre caters for 16 – 19 years olds and offer life skills and other options for leaving independently  outside and offer courses over arranging of subjects gardening and woodwork.

There also Hollinwood Academy built on the former site of Oasis Academy [Kaskenmoor Site], That recently opened to great reception it caters for Primary school age right to 19 years old.

You also got Horizons which is a 19 – 25 years provision cater as respite and social needs and recently moved to Medita Square, Oldham.

The group has come out leaps and bounds since it build in 2004 right through to 2016, gained sites, offering more opportunity to special needs students. Where will the group be in 2020, I don’t but it still got a lot going for itself and it’s students.

Congratulations new bridge making it 11 years in September 2016 and carry on the great achievements.

That the background to my former secondary and further education provider and tomorrow will provide the full story on life journey through the education sharing the sticky situations and memory’s from primary school right through new bridge to today’s achievements.

Mike Cunniffe

© Autism Life 2016

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