Flying High With The Beatles


On the Saturday 5th of March 2016, Marked a milestone in my life journey and it was the biggest achievement since leaving school.

The event took place Liverpool John Lennon Airport at around 12:40 on Saturday 5th of March 2016.

I stepped inside the terminal building for the first time in my life.


Come and Board the Bowing 777 to Autism Life Airport.

I have Autism and other conditions relating to Autism, which makes big and noisy places scary and I freeze on the spot because I’m scared and I go into Tortoise mood.

So when I went on my day trip on the buses around Merseyside, en route I called at Liverpool John Lennon Airport for Liverpool One.

I never had it in my thought that was the day I would approach my fear of airports and step inside a terminal building.

On alighting the 89 bus from St Helens at the airport, I saw a friendly information guide making sure all passengers know where they were going. It was only when he told another passenger to wait inside the terminal building some big was just about to happen.


I approached the dominant airport terminal and then I stepped the arrivals door on a mission to find some food but could not find what I was looking for so I went to use the toilet instead.

Every minute I was inside the airport, I was getting my self-used to all the airport noise and bustle.

Then the realisation kicked in when I was back outside waiting for the 500 to Liverpool One.

I think this is the biggest achievement so far of life journey. I was calm as anything and that took me by surprise too.

I will now carry on taking baby steps with airport until the day when I need to take a flight to somewhere.

We have now arrived at Autism Life Airport.

Mike Cunniffe

© Autism Life 2016

5 thoughts on “Flying High With The Beatles

  1. Hello Mike

    Christina told me about your airport visit and your article. Fantastic! It is my job to help promote the fact that Liverpool is trying to be autism friendly – and when I hear stories like yours it really makes it worthwhile!

    I have a question: I think( and I don’t know for sure) that the BBC may want to make a film about Liverpool Airport being autism friendly. And they may want to film someone with autism exploring the airport. This would probably happen at the end of March. If the BBC does decide to do this, how would you feel about being involved? It is absolutely fine to say ‘no’ and it is also fine to ask more questions. I may be able to answer some, but I may not be able to answer others until the BBC have told me if they want to make this film. I hope you don’t mind me asking.

    Thank you very much for your time and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.

    Kind regards

    Autism Together charity, Wirral


    • Good Evening, Kate

      Thank you for your great comment and support.

      I’m interested in your offer to star in the BBC film as long as it does not clash with my other commitment I have.

      Once again thank your for commenting, I hope to hear back from you soon

      Mike Cunniffe


    • Good Morning, Christina

      I would to say a huge thank you for your kind words about my article on my achievements on my journey through life.

      I very much liked my visit to the airport and I keen to carry on taking baby steps to gaining confidence in the airport terminal. a bit like i did on my first visit.

      Mike Cunniffe
      Author of Autism Life


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