Is it time to go shopping at Debenhams



Do you need a new handbag or a new wardrobe for the summer, well this article is right up your catwalk!

In this edition of how it’s named, we are going to look at Debenham in Suffolk, UK

We find out its history and connection to the retail chain Debenhams.

Grab a basket and hit the sales floor buying as much as you can fit in the basket while reading the article.

Debenham, Suffolk, United Kingdom.

Debenham is a large civil parish village in Suffolk, The population varies from 1,728 – 2040.



The River Deben rises in the parish, and runs along a prolonged ford through the village, and claims to be the longest ford in the United Kingdom.

Services and amenities

This large village has many shops including a supermarket, green grocers, butcher, bakers, florists, antiques, hardware, pottery and newsagents. There are two pubs, the Woolpack and the Angel, and several cafes. Services include a post office, library, pharmacy, doctors, police station and fire station.

Debenham High School (for pupils aged 11–16) is situated on Gracechurch Street. Debenham also has a primary school for ages 5–11.

Information Website

Debenhams PLC

Debenhams plc is a British multinational retailer operating under a department store format in the United Kingdom and Ireland with franchise stores in other countries. The company was founded in the eighteenth century as a single store in London and has now grown to 178 locations across the UK, Ireland and Denmark. It sells a range of clothing, household items and furniture and has been known since 1993 for its ‘Designers at Debenhams’ brand range.

As of 2015, the company owns and operates 178 stores in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark. Stores in Denmark trade under the Magasin du Nord brand. Stores in Ireland are operated by Debenhams Ireland, which is a subsidiary of Debenhams plc; most of these stores were formerly branded Roches Stores.

Store Locator


This Article was not sponsered by Debenhams Plc it was purely done out of interest of the village of Debenham.

Mike Cunniffe

© Autism Life 2016

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