75 Preston to Fleetwood |Fright of my life


On the Saturday 13th of February 2016, I had one of the biggest frights in my life.

On most Saturdays I tend to love early in the morning to partake in my favourite hobby, bus routes and bus enthusiast. My hobby takes me all over the place on buses and sometimes leads me in some memorable situations.

Saturday 13th of February 2016 was one of them memorable days, when I went over to Fylde coast and Lancashire.

To see in full my brush with a tank and guns…. Read on.

I Was on board the Preston Bus service 75 Preston – Fleetwood via Weeton, to see where the routes go and what type of passengers get this service.

It was quiet a busy service and very scenic with loads of surprises along the way.

This service is purposed for withdrawal due county council cuts in Lancashire. So I went to get this route before it’s sad dismissal and much needed route to be kept on as it provides fast connection to host of other routes.

First impression of the route leaving Preston was good and learnt Preston as a marine just outside the town, then we carried on towards Weeton and Blackpool tower was on the horizon now for next 20 minutes as we pass through the villages of the Fylde.

We approach the village Weeton and Weeton Barracks. Soon we approached the barracks entrance road, bus decide to turn into the barracks. What alarmed me as I never thought a bus service with the general public would go in the barracks or any military grounds.

So we were soon greeted by tanks and military vehicles, guard walking with a huge gun. We got to the gates and then a troop boarded the bus for free and we were let into the barracks, we did a 5-minute loop around the barrack and back to the check point where the troop embarked and we left the barracks bound for Fleetwood.

Everything then seemed normal again on route to Fleetwood, where I disembark at Fleetwood.

I then had Fish Fingers, Chips and mushy peas for my lunch it was lovely.

Then I continued to gloomy Blackpool.

I will cover my full trip out on Sunday and Fleetwood, Blackpool at another date, I will also do a review of the famous eating plaice in Fleetwood.

That all today troops have a safe journey or day.

Mike Cunniffe

© Autism Life 2016

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