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It’s surprising how an exclusive name for someone who just about to walk down to aisle to marry the groom to be husband and wife. In fact, it’s being copied for numerous things these days and Autism Life love week is going undercover to find out more about the Bride and what else shares the name of the Bride.

Being a bride is emotional time but also a landmark day for the bride to be, It’s can be a life changing day of events and dances, plus a lots of photos and withdrawal from the groom overnight that nearly about 19 hours apart.bride-groom2.jpg

So stay turned to find out more about the role of the bride and Join us tomorrow for the groom turn!


On the big day of the wedding ceremony, whether it’s the traditional type or culture tailored wedding. It can be emotional rollercoaster journey from the day of women, boyfriend purposing to marry her in many proposal styles.

The bride or Newlywed is the title of marriage during the ceremony then it’s Wife after the ceremony.

The Bride wears a traditional wedding dress or modern day any dress will do, some with a vail and has hours of makeup and hair dressing before she is reunited with the groom.

Hears our guide for the bride journey.

Brides Journey

Brides Journey.png

Bride, Isle of Man

Bride (Manx: Skeerey Vreeshey), named after St. Brigid, is a parish in the Sheading of Ayre and lies in the extreme north of the Isle of Man. The parish lies to the east of Andreas and to the north of Lezayre, bordering the sea to the north and east. The parish covers an area of about 9 square miles (23 km2) and contains the village of Bride or Kirk Bride.

Bride also relates to; Shrub, Moth, Books and Magazines, Film and TV, Music

That’s all for today folks I hope you enjoyed today article in Love week.

Mike Cunnife

(C) Autism Life  2016

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