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Autism Life has only been up and running for 2 months and today [16/02/16], we are happily hosting are own wedding. I invite the readers to join us today to celebrate Autism Life getting married.

We are having the wedding ceremony in Berlin and you can find out about are wedding location and venue we are going to marry in.



The happy couple will be getting married in 2 minutes’ time, can all guest stand for the bride.

Wedding, Berlin

Autism life is having its wedding, in Wedding, Berlin.

Wedding, Berlin is a locality in Mitte, Berlin, Germany and was a separate borough in the north-western inner city until it was fused with Tiergarten and Mitte in Berlin’s 2001 administrative reform. At the same time the eastern half of the former borough of Wedding—on the other side of Reinickendorfer Straße—was separated as the new locality of Gesundbrunnen.

In the 12th century, the manor of the nobleman Rudolf de Weddinge was located on the small Panke River in the immediate vicinity of today’s Nettelbeckplatz. The farmstead, which burned down more than once, remained abandoned in the forest until the 18th century. In the mid-18th century, while Gesundbrunnen was being built up as a health resort and spa town, gambling and prostitution moved into Wedding, transforming it into a pleasure district. In 1864 Ernst Christian Friedrich Schering established the Schering pharmaceutical company on Müllerstraße; the company has been a part of Bayer since 2006. A large hospital at the western rim of the locality was built between 1898 and 1906 on the initiative of Rudolf Virchow.

Wedding was also the western terminus of one of the first refugee tunnels dug underneath the Berlin wall. It extended from the basement of an abandoned factory on Schönholzer Straße in the Soviet sector underneath Bernauer Straße to another building in the west. Though marvellously well-constructed and kept secret, the tunnel was plagued by water from leaking pipes, and had to be shut down after only a few days of operation.

Today, Wedding is one of the poorest areas of Berlin, with a high unemployment rate (almost 26%). Almost 17% of the population live on social welfare; 27% live below the poverty line. Foreigners make up 30% of the population. Low rental costs accompany the poverty in Wedding. Therefore, like many inexpensive areas in large cities, it is home to a vibrant artists’ community. Many galleries have been founded by artists to provide a space for themselves and their peers to showcase their works.

There is 14 hotels and has it own railway station called Berlin-Wedding station.

Do you take Autism Life to be you number 1 variety blog?

Mike Cunniffe

(c) Autism Life 2016

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