Autism Life News | February Edition


Autism Life News is a monthly round up of the good news and achievements that has happened in the world and autism diagnosis. From the last month

Autistic people don’t like hear bad news which is mainly the make up of the news channels today and it’s very rare for news channels to share good news stories.

Pour a cuppa and get a sit to read Autism Life News.  

In January there where a lot of different kind of news stories some good and some not so good. To make it easy for you to navigate I’m going to be doing it in sections.

1. Autism News

Has cure been found for Autism?

Publisher | Daily Mail

In the Daily Mail article called : Have scientists found a cure for autism? Blocking specific cells during pregnancy can help prevent the disorder developing

In a major breakthrough in the treatment of autism, researchers believe they have discovered cells that play a role in how the disorder develops in the brains of babies.

By blocking cells that produce a chemical called IL-17a in pregnant mice, the scientists were able to restore normal brain structure in the brains of the pups.

Not only does the discovery go some way to confirm viral infections during pregnancy can play a role in how autism develops, the findings take a step towards treatment or even a cure for the disorder.

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Autistic Girl aged 5 speaks after 3 years of silence!

Publisher | Huffington Post UK

In the Huffington Post article called : Parents’ Joy As Girl With Autism Asks ‘I Want More Toast, Please’ After Three Years Of Silence

A girl with autism who didn’t speak for three years, surprised her parents by asking for ‘more toast, please’.

Coco Bradford, from St Ives, Cornwall, said her first word when she was 26 months old, but her speech quickly faded away and she stopped responding to her name or making eye contact.

But after having Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy Coco’s speech began to return and two days before her fifth birthday she piped up with the unexpected request.

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Made by Brad

Publisher | Facebook User

I’m having technical glitch sharing this heart warming post about a autistic person called Brad, with his business called Made by Brad.

He can build furniture with just looking at the product, as he can’t speak and done a cracking job of putting IKEA Furniture up.

If you pop over to Autism Life on Facebook you can see this post for the full story.

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I hope you enjoyed this first edition and Next month it’s will be bigger and better, I hope.

Mike Cunniffe

(c) 07/02/2016 – Autism Life.


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