Time Machine | Chester – The best perserved walled city


Chester is a walled city located in Cheshire, England. Lying on the river dee, close to the border with Wales.Bridge Street  Old

We going to have flying visit into Chester past, present and future, see it’s highlights and lows, battles and preservation.Chester-Westgate-Street1

Sit back, relax enjoy the time machine journey through Chester. 

Chester was founded as a “castrum” or Roman fort with the name Deva Victrix, during the reign of the Emperor Vespasian in AD79. One of the three main army camps in the Roman province of Britannia, Deva later became a major civilian settlement. In 689, King Æthelred of Mercia founded the Minster Church of West Mercia, which later became Chester’s first cathedral, and the Saxons extended and strengthened the walls, much of which remain, to protect the city against the Danes. Chester was one of the last cities in England to fall to the Normans. William the Conqueror ordered the construction of a castle, to dominate the town and the nearby Welsh border.

Chester went through the Roman, Medieval and Industrial revelation era.

The timeline of events.

  • AD 79 – Chester was founded
  • AD 410 – Romans retreated from Britannia
  • AD 616 –  Æthelfrith of Northumbria defeated a Welsh army at the brutal and decisive Battle of Chester
  • AD 689 – King Æthelred of Mercia founded the Minster Church of West Mercia
  • AD 907 – A new church dedicated to St Peter was founded
  • 1071 –  Hugh d’Avranches, who built Chester Castle, was made the first Earl of Chester
  • 1698 – Celia Fiennes visited Chester and used Westchester instead of Chester.
  • 1848 – Chester General Railway Station opened
  • 1871 – The Tramway was established, by Chester Tramways Company
  • 1875 – Chester Northgate Railway Station opened
  • 1885 – Chester City F.C was founded
  • 1903 – Council taken over the tramway and renamed it Chester Corporation Tramways
  • 1930 – The tramways was closed
  • 1931 – Chester City F.C was elected to the football league
  • 1931 – Chester Zoo opened
  • 1969 – The City Conservation Area was designated
  • 1990 – Chester City F.C moved from Sealand Road Stadium to Macclesfield
  • 1992 – Chester City F.C moved to the new Deva Stadium
  • 2000 – The club lost it’s football league status
  • 13 January 2002 – Chester was granted Fairtrade City status
  • 20 August 2003 – Status was renewed by the Fairtrade Foundation
  • 2007 – The Gateway Theatre and The Odeon cinema closed, they was first opened in 1936.
  • 2007 Chester Council announced a 10-year plan to see Chester become a “must see European destination”.
  • 19 June 2008 –  then Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly named Chester as a Cycling demonstration town.
  • 2009 – Chester City F.C was relegated again
  • March 2010 – Chester City F.C Played there last match and went out of business.
  • 2010 – Chester F.C. was founded and plays at Deva Stadium
  • 11 December 2011 – saw the first Chester Santa Dash
  • July 2013 – Chester had the highest rate of home foreclosure in the country
  • November 2016 – New Chester bus exchange to open on Gorse Stacks

I hope you enjoyed this time machine journey and they will get better in due course.

If you want the full low down on Chester past and present and future on can click here and it will open up Chester for you

Mike Cunniffe

[C] 02/02/2016 Autism Life

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