My day out | Under the mersey


Hello there and welcome to another new series this time it’s all about my days out and my hobby bus riding.12037572975_570479088e_b

I have visited the capital of the river Mersey, Liverpool and the historic city of Chester. Only using buses and what grand city they both are. Culture, Hertiage and Modern in a good block.


Below I have highlighted some places I went through on the bus and there bound the be a few surprises for you the reader. Enjoy

35 | Altrincham – Lymm – Thelwell – Stockton Heath – Warrington

Altrincham is modern town on the border with Cheshire but is in the boundary of Greater Manchester . It has train, tram and bus interchange and plenty of shops

Lymm is a historic untouched village with a nice park and plenty of shops and cafe. It’s only served by a handful of bus services.

Warrington is a town that undergoing modernisation but still retains some heritage and has it’s own rugby stadium in the town centre and it has 2 railway stations and a bus station.

X30 | Warrington – Halton Lea – Frodsham – Chester

Halton Lea, is a confusing place as it a shopping centre in Runcorn, what known locally as Runcorn, Halton Lea as it after Halton Hospital.

Frodsham, Is a beautiful village that remains untouched and has it own really station and some traditional shops like butchers and bakers

Chester, is a historic city, with heritage everywhere and even in modern development what is a first for a developing city.

For the full story on Chester read the Chester article coming soon to Autism Life

1 | Chester – Chester Zoo – Cheshire Oaks – Ellesmere Port – Queensway Tunnel – Liverpool

Chester Zoo, Is a zoo home to all sort animals and you can tour the permiter of the zoo with this bus but unfortunately you can’t go into the zoo but you can get off the bus and pay to see the animals.

Ellesmere Port, is town with a river and used to be a port, it has own railway station and bus station.

Queensway Tunnel, goes under the river Mersey connecting Birkenhead and Liverpool together and providing a link for buses to use to get over to the Wirral or Liverpool.

Liverpool, is like the capital city of the River Mersey and has heritage and modern combined.

For the full story on Liverpool read the Liverpool article coming soon to Autism Life.

*        *       *            *          *            *         *          *            *            *

Then went home via St Helens and Leigh. I hope you liked me highlighting some places on my travels yesterday and I will try to post these article every time I go out for the day on the buses.

Mike Cunniffe

[C] 31/01/2016 Autism Life

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