On The Train To Nowhere!


Hello there, thanks for turning in again to Autism Life. Today we going to look into the railway and tickets, to see why it so hard for special needs citizens can’t access the railway fully.

So come on board The train to nowhere departing in 2 minutes from Manchester Piccadilly railway station.

The discoverer

On the 26/01/2016, I was planning a nice trip over to Leeds,so I can ride on some bus routes in and out the city. So I went on to national rail enquires to have a look at trains to Leeds departing around 7:30 from Manchester Piccadilly to Leeds, on the Northern Rail service via Rochdale. A single ticket would cost £3 for single one way ticket, so I thought bargain let get two £3 singles, making it £6 in total. bargain, when a return would cost £20 pound.

Screen Shot MCV -LDS

Screen shot for national rail enquires showing the two trains to Leeds.

Screen Shot MCV -LDS

Screen shot from national rail enquires show the Manchester Victoria return train

So went through to book a seat on these services to and from Leeds. Firstly i went over to Northern Rail, then Train Line and finally First Transpennine Express.

  • Northern Rail | Two singles – £6 + £7.70 next day delivery charge
  • Train Line | Two singles – £6 + 75p administration fee
  • First Transpennine Express | – £6 + £6 next day delivery charge.

All the above also have a station collection option, this when I found out the full complex nature of the collection at station, you need the following.

  • 8 Digit booking reference/ collection reference
  • 1 Flashy bank card which your purchased the tickets on line
  • Manned railway station
  • 1 mobile phone
  • Loads of phone credit.

All this to collect your tickets from a vending machine but this has uncovered a sector of the society that are basically being refused to buy tickets in advance online for a cheaper deal. The sector with disabilities and special needs.

This sector might have a bank card to buy online but this dose not always mean there bank card can leave the home due to the card holder having disabilities like autism. This is for safety and protect the card holder from losing there card.

To collect your tickets only really applies to the sector of society which are not disabled and have a flashy bank card.

To add salt to the wound you have to pay on your mobile to contact customer services if you have problems with collecting your tickets.

Disabled and special need sector can buy online but buy trains ticket 3 weeks in advance this way you can get them free.

That’s all for today folk and i might continue on this subject sometime in the near future.

Mike Cunniffe

(c) 27/01/2016 – Autism Life

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