Thank you for being part of the adventure!


Sadly Mykey Explores has departed but not all is forgotten of lost. I will still be active on my travels and explorations but will no longer making myself known on camera. This is because I found it to be fuelling my anxiety and social confidences while filming in public.

Like I said not all is lost because I might re purpose this website in due course to cover money saving and lifestyle options or if I just fancy to write something. I also now focusing on Photography called Mykey Wildscapes which is currently awaiting a site but can be found on Facebook at the moment.

Once again thank you for your continued support and I hope to see you all again soon.


The World of Advent Calendars 2017 | 24 days of Beauty Supplies


Beautiful Advent Calendars 2017.pngMakeup is key essential to looking good on the outside feeling great inside, So for 24 days of the year you can get excited to try the latest innovations in beauty cosmetics for nice amount of money.

Here the 2017 guide to Beauty Advent Calendars available online from some well-known brands to some lesser known brands. I know you eagerly wanting to apply that new face, I say go, go and apply your new face and paint your nails while reading this edition of The World of Advent Calendar. Continue reading

This Story Behind Soul Cake Will Haunt You Forever!



Soul CAKEHappy Halloween my ghostly explores, I hope I will not scary you today with this spooky but tasty story about a Halloween treat, people around the world consume on All hallows Eve.

I will even give you a link to a very good site for the recipe, so you can try this tasty Halloween snack and you can let all my fellow explores know you baked the recipe by tagging Mykey Explores #MEbakingsoulcake.

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Two companies with same colour and famous orange aprons!


A guide to Lookalikes.pngWhether you a regularly traveller or infrequent traveller to a new country or culture, you will bound to be taken out of comfort zones and thrown into a very confusing new world without your home-comforts or well know store from your home town.

Mykey Explores would like to introduce you to a brand new guide aimed for travellers who don’t like change or find it hard to be taken out of your comfort zone. this guide will bound to surprise you, when you find out that there is a copy of your favourite store in other countries, crazy right. if you want to find out more please read on.Ā  Continue reading

The spooktasticly guide to October : Halloween in the City 2017



Halloween Finally says Boo to Manchester

Manchester is going all haunted this year with it first ever Halloween event taking place around the city centre, with the likes of Harvey Nichols turning green and plenty of events for the witches and Frankenstein to partake in, also expect some anti Halloween ghost busters to be out and about.

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Disused Hollinwood Railway Station | Oldham cheap version of Hollywood


Goodbye TrainsWith exes.png


Station Master Mike welcomes you to Hollinwood, a station which has a lot of stories to tell you and all it operators that has come and gone over it life time.

Whether you are alighting here or boarding here, can I wish you a safe journey today with Mykey Explores. Continue reading